Catholic Schools Maitland-Newcastle SchoolTV launch

SchoolTV is a new online wellbeing resource for parents/carers and staff which provides credible information and an extensive range of wellbeing resources in one location. SchoolTV hosts a large range of informative topics accompanied by podcasts, articles, factsheets, books, apps and video interviews with wellbeing experts and researchers from around the world.

Catholic Schools of Maitland-Newcastle is excited to announce that it has recently added an award-winning resource to its school websites. SchoolTV includes evidenced-based information and practical strategies to build parent, carer and educator knowledge and confidence across a range of mental health and wellbeing topics.

Catholic Schools of Maitland-Newcastle has supported schools to add SchoolTV to their websites in response to feedback received from parents and carers who said they are seeking greater support in understanding the challenges their children are experiencing, as well as practical strategies for ways they can assist them. 

SchoolTV features interviews with leading wellbeing experts and researchers from around the world, on topics including:

  • Mental Health (encompassing grief and loss, suicide and self-harm, drug and alcohol use, anxiety, trauma and depression).
  • Healthy Bodies (including mindfulness, body image, sleep, eating disorders, diet and nutrition, physical activity and exercise).
  • Cyber Safety (encompassing cyberbullying, digital reputation, internet addiction, online gambling, sexting and managing screen time).
  • Positive Parenting (including friendship and belonging, blended families, resilience, positive parenting and understanding adolescence).
  • School Survival (encompassing school refusal, school transitions and exam jitters).
  • Diversity and Inclusion (including multiculturalism, neurodiversity, respectful relationships, gender diversity and supporting disabled youth).

Please note Schools are able to take out any of the above examples not relevant for their school community.

Topics are presented in a variety of ways including videos, factsheets, podcasts and also includes recommendations for additional resources including books and other websites.

SchoolTV complements initiatives already underway in our school including our Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care Policy and the “Wellbeing Together” Student Learning and Wellbeing Framework.

To support our schools, resources have been developed and are customisable for each school community. Shared knowledge between our educators and parents will assist us in better supporting children’s learning, safety and wellbeing.

The launch of the SchoolTV resource for schools and parents/carers has been scheduled for early Term 4. With school staff customising topics appropriate for each school community, the SchoolTV link will be active on each school website from Monday 16 October, (Week 2, Term 4) onwards.

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