Gloucester launches Successful Foundations for Learning project

St Joseph’s Gloucester provides a comprehensive, quality Catholic education, with high levels of learning for all students, including support programs to ensure all students achieve their potential.

St Joseph’s provides students with a friendly, caring, and safe environment. They help developing successful lifelong learners, ensuring student belonging, engagement and connectedness.

Wellbeing is an important focus of their mission as a Catholic school, where the social and emotional aspect of learning is seen as an essential component of the education of the whole child. 

With highly qualified and caring staff, the school community are committed to supporting students to become successful and confident learners by providing a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum. They provide extensive opportunities for student leadership, STEM (Science, Technology, English and Maths) sport, visual and performing arts and drama, incursions and excursions.

St Joseph’s is a Gifted Education Lead School. This program provides support to identify 'gifted' students. Once identified, the school's Gifted Education Mentor will support the teachers in providing individualised learning and access to a Virtual Academy with other students in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese.

In 2022, St Joseph’s, Gloucester will launch the ‘Successful Foundations for Learning’ project to support the positive transition of kindergarten students. ‘Successful Foundations’ provides children with the opportunity to actively demonstrate their knowledge, build positive relationships and become familiar with the context of school, through PLAY!

The project assists teachers to get to know their children by implementing play opportunities in the first few weeks of kindergarten, allowing teachers to:

  • observe, listen to, document and analyse children’s learning, skills and knowledge,
  • facilitate conversations with children, families and colleagues,
  • profile children’s strengths, interests and learning needs.

The ‘Early Birds’ transition program in Term 4 provides opportunities for students to visit the school and participate in classroom and playground activities. It offers the opportunity for parents and carers to be involved in their child’s education and to make new friends with other families. Children who take part in the Early Birds program commence Kindergarten full of confidence, ready to tackle big school!

New buildings and facilities including a well-resourced library, smart boards and devices in each room and a vast playground space are some of the many things St Joseph’s has on offer.

Individual care and wellbeing in a safe environment. St Joseph’s Gloucester gives your child all this plus so much more. For more information, contact St Joseph’s on (02) 6558 1555 or email

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