Doctors of Education shape the future of All Saints’ College

The students of All Saints’ College, St Mary’s Campus, Maitland, are fortunate enough to have four Doctors of Education – Kylie Harris, Bryan Maher, Daniel Belcher and Christopher Mooney – contributing to the development and strategic nature of the senior curriculum at the college.

As All Saints’ College redefines its future as an institute in senior education, the history of the college and the strength of knowledge and expertise of staff are highlighted with four doctorates of education amongst staff who contribute to the diverse curriculum.

Head of Campus, Mark Romano, says, “We are blessed that these teachers chose to work at All Saints’ College. Having four teachers who have PhDs across multiple subject areas is an enormous advantage to our students. They are experts who can cater for a diverse range of abilities and use their knowledge and experience to collaborate with colleagues so that all teachers and students can benefit.

“As Head of Campus it is reassuring knowing that our students and staff have access to such capable experts.”

Dr Chris Mooney holds a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in History from the University of Newcastle and is currently teaching Ancient History and Studies of Religion at St Mary’s.

“During my teaching career, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to undertake higher studies in my discipline. I have also had the opportunity to be part of an excellent teaching team.

“As a result, I have attempted to put in place an educational approach which has as its foundation a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect. I hope my students develop (like myself) a passion for the discipline and an understanding that our interactions are mutually beneficial,” he said.

As a former St Mary’s student with expertise in the field of physics and mathematics, Dr Daniel Belcher also holds a PhD from the University of Newcastle.

“I have been very happy to come back to the college and share my love of mathematics and science. I am hopeful that my enthusiasm shines through to encourage students to remain curious and driven, even on a Friday afternoon.

“I enjoy it when students pose difficult or thoughtful problems as it encourages both student and teacher to extend and achieve something memorable. I have had the pleasure of continuing to work with students who have transitioned to tertiary education both in a teaching capacity and in a mentoring one. I am pleased to say that the students from St Mary's are very often high calibre and have successfully transitioned to a more individual learning environment; this speaks highly of the teachers here!”

Dr Bryan Maher hopes his PhD will encourage students to become curious about the possibilities of higher education, and to realise that study and learning can have a purpose other than purely utilitarian - that there isn’t any extra dollar value, just satisfaction in pursuit of an area of passion!

“I think the rigour of obtaining a PhD helps me sift through the plethora of educational ‘fads’ and to try to focus on those ideas that might actually have some educational merit.

As a passionate educator in her fourth year at St Mary’s, Dr Kylie Harris hopes to bring to the college community a commitment to learning as a lifelong pursuit.

Dr Harris’ involvement in redeveloping the senior curriculum has placed a dominant focus on the power of research and reflection in line with the new NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Stage 6 Syllabus requirements for all levels of English and has enabled a dynamic and progressive approach to teaching and learning.

“Having a PhD does not change the world or make me a better teacher ‒ or, unfortunately, mean I am paid more ‒ but it does mean that I am dedicated to making a difference. I believe in the power of critical thought and I see the potential in encouraging students to be independent thinkers.”

St Mary’s Campus continues to thrive with passionate educators who empower their students with the knowledge and skills to become driven and dedicated learners.


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Gabrielle Sutherland is a Marketing & Communications Officer for the Catholic Schools Office and a regular contributor to and Aurora.

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