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‘You are Mission’

October 29, 2018 Mark Toohey

‘You are Mission’ is a message for all of us. As Pope Francis writes in his World Mission Day message this year, ‘Every man and woman is a mission; that is the reason for our life on this earth…No one is so poor as to be unable to give what they have, but first and foremost what they are…Never think that you have nothing to offer, or that nobody needs you. Many people need you.’ (Message from Pope Francis for World Mission Day, Rome 2018).

Two Bishops at Chisholm IMAGE Your Diocese

Two Bishops at Chisholm

October 29, 2018 Terry Horne

On Tuesday 23 October, Bishop Bill met with his Anglican counterpart Bishop Peter Stuart, in the Maitland suburb of Chisholm, to discuss common concerns of both churches and to hear questions from the mixed audience.

Diocese invitation to Upper Hunter info session on mental health IMAGE Your Diocese

Diocese invitation to Upper Hunter info session on mental health

October 15, 2018 Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle

October is Mental Health Month in NSW and it is a timely reminder that nearly half of all Australians (45%) will experience some form of mental illness during their lifetime - and those that don’t will most likely know someone that does.

Join the "You Can't Ask That" party IMAGE Your Diocese

Join the "You Can't Ask That" party

October 08, 2018 Sharon Murphy

Our liturgical year will come to a close in November. Over the liturgical seasons many have journeyed with our parishes, schools and agencies through their preparation of liturgies that nourish and transform us in the mystery of Jesus Christ. That journey is to be celebrated by all.

Nominations open for Mary Magdalene Award 2019 IMAGE Your Diocese

Nominations open for Mary Magdalene Award 2019

October 03, 2018 Jessica Ward

The Council for Australian Catholic Women contact group in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle is seeking nominations for the Magdalene Award.

Living the Change IMAGE Your Diocese

Living the Change

September 28, 2018 Jessica Ward

Living the Change is a multi-faith global movement which draws upon spiritual traditions to inspire lifestyle choices which, when these choices are made collectively, will help slow global warming and allow our world to flourish.

Girls Who Skate IMAGE Your Diocese

Girls Who Skate

September 27, 2018 Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle

The multicultural Neighbourhood Centre is organising free skateboarding classes for young women from refugee backgrounds.

Bishop Bill to launch Social Justice Statement this Friday IMAGE Your Diocese

Bishop Bill to launch Social Justice Statement this Friday

September 25, 2018 John Kingsley-Jones

This Friday 28 September the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle will launch the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) Social Justice Statement 2018-2019 A Place to call Home: Making a home for everyone in our land. The statement reflects the deep concern that the Bishops have about the number of homeless people in Australia and the insecurity of housing.