Sea of Possibilities IMAGE Aurora

Sea of Possibilities

May 05, 2018 Comments Bishop Bill Wright

‘Have you been here before?’ they all seem to ask, conscious that their corner of the world has not been high on the tourist bucket list. And I am revelling in being able to say ‘Yes, but not for 50 years.’ Papua New Guinea was even more remote from the jetset in 1968, but the schoolboy that I was then had indeed spent a fortnight or more on a tour with his father of the incipient banking industry of the soon-to-be nation. Many things I remember vividly.

Love life but don’t fear death IMAGE Aurora

Love life but don’t fear death

May 05, 2018 Comments Tracey Edstein

In keeping with the diocesan vision to live the joy of the Gospel and share it with the world, the 2018 Family Faith Forum will explore the potential of parishes to be centres of living and proclaiming the Gospel.

Grief was permitted to walk with me IMAGE Aurora

Grief was permitted to walk with me

May 05, 2018 Comments Benita Tait

Last August, I told a friend I was “allowing my days to unfold in their own unique ways”. I was feeling stunned and in absolute awe of the beauty in the natural world surrounding us, and my regular walks amongst the trees provided my safe and sacred space. “Here,” I said, was “where I entered a space of nothingness”, suggesting that perhaps this is what surrendering really looks like – a place where there are no goals or purpose, other than to rest and absorb the wonder. With no planning or agenda in sight I was free to ‘be’, hope and trust.

Vatican images inspire local artist IMAGE Aurora

Vatican images inspire local artist

May 05, 2018 Comments Monica Scanlon

Regular visitors to Sacred Heart Cathedral, Hamilton, will have noticed that for the major church seasons of Lent, Easter and Christmas, the four brown panels of the entrance doors are adorned with poster-sized images and verses.

More than meets the eye! IMAGE Aurora

More than meets the eye!

May 05, 2018 Comments Steve Biddulph

How do we raise girls to be strong and free? It actually starts in the toddler years.  They need encouragement and permission to be adventurous, messy, noisy and physical. 

Young people the protagonists of their own futures IMAGE Aurora

Young people the protagonists of their own futures

May 05, 2018 Comments Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle

In October there will be a Synod of Bishops on the theme “Youth, faith and vocational discernment.” In March this year, as Sean-Patrick Lovett wrote, “Pope Francis opened the pre-Synodal meeting in Rome…with a provocation: “Too often we talk about young people without asking what they think,” he said. There are those, said the Pope, who tend to “idolise” youth, and others who prefer to keep young people “at a safe distance”, rather than allowing them to be the protagonists of their own futures. (The Vatican 19 March 2018).


Coming of age a matter of faith IMAGE Aurora

Coming of age a matter of faith

May 05, 2018 Comments Gabrielle Lynch

Gabrielle Lynch responded to an invitation to reflect on the Church during the Year of Youth initiated by the Australian Catholic Bishops.

Are you a Sophia woman? IMAGE Aurora

Are you a Sophia woman?

May 05, 2018 Comments Judith Lynch

I’m old enough to remember the heady years that followed Vatican II, when small groups were all the go and Catholics began to talk more freely about their faith. For the first time I noticed how women talk about their lives.