Share the journey IMAGE Social Services

Share the journey

October 16, 2017 Jenni Chong Sun

Mental illness is very common. In fact, according to the Black Dog Institute, one in five (20%) Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental illness in any year. The most common mental illnesses are depressive, anxiety and substance use disorder.

Tuning into teens IMAGE Social Services

Tuning into teens

October 09, 2017 Comments Maryanne Kerrins

Tuning into Teens, a course designed for parents and carers to better understand their adolescent children and enhance their wellbeing, will commence in Kurri Kurri on 16 October and attendance is free (for those living in the Cessnock Local Government Area).

Building resilience in children IMAGE Aurora

Building resilience in children

October 04, 2017 Comments Tanya Russell

Q   I’m a parent of two young boys and would like some tips on helping them cope with making mistakes. I see other parents with great intentions trying to fix their children’s problems but I’m not sure that telling my children everything will be okay will teach them about life’s disappointments. How do I support my children to build their determination and resilience?

Dual citizenship’s not always a liability! IMAGE Aurora

Dual citizenship’s not always a liability!

October 04, 2017 Comments Virginia Tsang

Not many people can say that they have a family in two different continents but CatholicCare’s Virginia Tsang is very used to having a Mum and Dad in Australia and a 媽媽 and 爸爸 in Hong Kong. She shares her story.

An invitation to DNA Workshop IMAGE Social Services

An invitation to DNA Workshop

September 25, 2017 Comments Lynne Williamson

An invitation to DNA Workshop, courtesy of the Small Grants program Forced Adoption services, Relationships Australia, to be held on Saturday 21 October 2017.

Register early for supported accommodation IMAGE Social Services

Register early for supported accommodation

September 18, 2017 Comments Lizzie Snedden

CatholicCare Social Services Hunter-Manning’s Acting Director, Gary Christensen, is encouraging people who have a disability and are interested in moving into modern, supported accommodation to register their interest early to avoid disappointment.

Awkward conversations IMAGE Aurora

Awkward conversations

September 06, 2017 Comments Tanya Russell

Q Last month you gave advice on how to begin an awkward conversation with a colleague. I would like advice on how to be on the receiving end of those awkward conversations. I hate conflict and am worried that I might let my emotions get in the way of resolving an issue a colleague has raised with me. What should I keep in mind to help me accept potentially awkward feedback in a respectful way?

CatholicCare’s supporting our most vulnerable children IMAGE Aurora

CatholicCare’s supporting our most vulnerable children

September 06, 2017 Comments Lizzie Snedden

“Foster carers are very special people who provide love, support and stability to some of our country’s most vulnerable children,” Gary Christensen, Acting Director of CatholicCare Social Services Hunter-Manning, said on the eve of NSW Foster Care Week.