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An enormous amount of attention has been paid to issues around refugee and asylum seekers in recent weeks: quotas; detention; resettlement; ‘stop the boats’ policies; the impact – positive and negative – of accepting, even welcoming, displaced and desperate people from places as conflicted as Syria. Defying the Border Force Act - rally in Newcastle - 17 September 2015.

The announcement that an extra 12,000 refugees would be accepted from Syria, in addition to the capped intake, was welcomed by many and community expressions of support and offers of help have been encouraging to those who believe in the inviolable dignity of every individual.

An event in Newcastle titled “Defying the Border Force Act” provides an opportunity to hear a variety of speakers on the distressing but critical topic of abuse in immigration centres.

The ‘Defying the Border Force Act’ rally will be held on Thursday 17 September at 7.00pm at Newcastle City Hall.

Eyewitnesses to abuse in immigration detention centres will be speaking out about their experiences. They include consultant paediatrician on Nauru, Prof David Isaacs; paediatric registered nurse on Nauru, Alanna Maycock; Senior Lecturer in Clinical Ethics, University of Wollongong, Dr Charles Douglas; former child in detention, Mohammad Ali Baqiri and lawyer and human rights activist, Kellie Tranter.

Entry is by donation and proceeds will cover rally costs and fund phone cards for asylum seekers in detention.

This event will provide a local opportunity to pay attention to issues that rightly demand our attention. To learn more, please P Niko 0406 296 141, E (HASA) or contact the Refugee Action Network Newcastle. 

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