GALLERY: Community Services Meet ‘n’ Greet

On Wednesday the 4th Feb, the Out-of-Home-Care Carer Recruitment and Support team hosted a Meet ‘n’ Greet Morning Tea for our Community Services colleagues.

This was held at our new Cardiff Office and was an opportunity to meet with the Community Services workers with whom we collaborate and communicate on an almost daily basis.  It was a chance to put names to faces and build links with others in the Out of Home Care sector.

Community Services staff from the Placements Team, the Child and Family District Unit and from the Community Programs Office attended, along with CatholicCare staff from all three Casework teams - the Carer Recruitment and Support team, Young Adult Services, as well as Operations Manager Mark Trevaskis and Director Helga Smit.  Mark and Helga used this opportunity to encourage the strengthening of communication pathways regarding best practice, and to promote the continuance of relationships between the organisations. Both of these are important in creating a better system for all those who are part of the Foster Care sector.

The feedback from the Morning Tea was very positive, and it was agreed that this paves the way for enhanced working relationships and future events.  People walked away with a better understanding of what each other does, how they do it, and a sense of value around the work we do.  We all share a common focus - to enable the provision of a safe, loving and stable home for all children.

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Bernadette Mears

Bernadette is the Carer Recruitment and Support Manager for CatholicCare Social Services Hunter-Manning.

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