Tighes Hill Anniversary Celebrations

The Tighes Hill Catholic community recently celebrated some very significant anniversaries.

It is 60 years since the opening of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Tighes Hill and 120 years continuous service by the Sisters of Mercy in Tighes Hill (having started the parish school here in 1895 and more recently ministering as local residents).

On Sunday 29 November, Bishop Bill Wright celebrated an anniversary Mass. The choir from Sacred Heart Cathedral joined us to add to the quality of our singing. Our Children’s Liturgy group prepared a special anniversary banner which adorned the sanctuary. After a joyful and uplifting Mass we moved next door to the Croatian Centre for a brunch catered for by a local café. Margaret Masters had baked an enormous anniversary cake which was shared by all after speeches from long-time parishioner, Margaret Crockett, Parish Priest, Andrew Doohan and one of our Mass Community Co-ordinators, Lawrie Hallinan.

The anniversary was further celebrated the following weekend. On Sunday 6th December 2015 an open house was held at the church with photos, historic displays and guided tours. A colour booklet highlighting the history and features of the church was also printed and freely available. We had previously dropped a postcard photo of the church with an invitation to the open house and other anniversary events to all residents in the Tighes Hill area. Some people also heard about the open house from a sign a real estate agent supplied for the front of the church with anniversary event details (the sign tricked some people who assumed it was advertising the sale of the church). There was a steady flow of people from 9.30am until noon. Some were married in the church, some were previous parishioners who came back for a visit and others were just curious locals.. At 2pm that afternoon Mercy Sister, Marie Farrell gave an informative and inspiring talk at the church titled, “The Divine Motherhood of Mary and the Year of Mercy”. Sr Marie’s talk used several images of Mary from art including the stained glass windows from the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Tighes Hill.

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Lawrie Hallinan Image
Lawrie Hallinan

Lawrie is a parishioner at Tighes Hill.