Service of remembrance and hope

This Thursday, 1 October, will be the tenth anniversary of the terrorist bombing of a tourist enclave in Bali. While Bali had long been a popular holiday destination for Australians and had witnessed an earlier bombing in 2002, the bombing in 2005 had, and still has, special resonance for the people of Newcastle and the Hunter.

A group of local families, many with links to St Francis Xavier’s College, Hamilton, had travelled to Bali on holiday. Surfing was high on the agenda of the younger members of the party.

A bomb exploded in a restaurant where many members of the group were dining. Tragically, three Novocastrians were killed, and many sustained serious injuries. While most of the survivors have recovered physically, the legacy of the incident remains.

The editor of The Newcastle Herald wrote in 2006, “…it is one of the precious features of Newcastle that people will so readily support each other when the need arises.”

In October 2005, and again in October 2006, the community gathered to remember, to mourn and to support each other.

The Dean of Sacred Heart Cathedral, Rev Andrew Doohan, is inviting members of the community to gather to mark the tenth anniversary of the 2005 bombing.  Rev Andrew said, “While there is always an element of remembrance, and a need not to forget, I hope people will come together to pray for peace and to encourage each other to be people of hope, in spite of all the conflict we see in various parts of the world.”

The service will be a vigil of remembrance and hope at Sacred Heart Cathedral on Wednesday, 30 September at 7pm. Everyone is welcome.

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Tracey Edstein

Tracey Edstein is the former editor of Aurora Magazine, the official magazine of the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.

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