Applications Extended and Scholarships Announced for NILP 2015

Applications for the Nonviolent Interfaith Leadership Program are now open until Wednesday 30 September 2015.

Scholarships and Discounts are also now available – We don’t want cost being a barrier to attend. Please contact us to discuss what options might exist for you.  

This program is designed to cultivate and build capacity in people from faith based communities and organisations across Australia,  who are working to address the complex social, political, military, economic and ecological challenges we face today.

This program involves a 5-day residential retreat for 20 people to explore nonviolent leadership and how to sustain change, go deeper and to bring people together.  

This leadership program has so far benefited over 50 leaders across the Australian community from a broad range of faith based communities and organisations.

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Stephen Carter

Stephen is passionate about social justice, animal welfare, photography and playing guitar.