Caritas goes on the road

Since the beginning of term 3, schools around the diocese have been welcoming members of the Diocesan Caritas Team into their communities.

From places that have been centres of education from early last century to the very newest school, it has been a most edifying and enlivening experience for Patricia Banister and me to meet and thank students and teachers for their wonderful work for Caritas Australia during Project Compassion.

The theme for Project Compassion in 2015 was “Food for Life”. A certificate of appreciation was presented to each school. The message on each reads “Thank you. Your support helps to empower the world’s poorest people. Your donation will support programs around the world that provide vulnerable people with the skills and opportunities they need to establish sustainable food sources for life.”

The travellers are about half way through their journey, with 7 schools already visited and 8 more to go. It has been wonderful to experience assemblies at each school and to hear the rousing and passionate singing of the National Anthem – both verses! Witness to the continuing commitment to the charisms of the Foundational Orders, Dominican, Mercy and Josephite, has been demonstrated in each school in the prayerfulness of their liturgies, the symbols in their sacred spaces and the welcoming hospitality offered to visitors. The commitment to justice and compassion by the young people in our schools and their teachers and families has resulted in record sums being raised this year.

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