The Second Tuesday Reading Circle

Every second Tuesday of each month from 10.30 until noon, a small group of people gets together at the St Laurence Centre Library. This group is called “The Reading Circle”.

It has been operating for approximately twelve months now and the group meets to discuss reading material such as books, magazines and newspaper articles the members have found to be of interest.

Unlike a Book Club, the readers are not all reading the same material. Instead, each person reads something which interests (most commonly a book, but not necessarily), then at the Reading Circle meeting each person gives a précis of their reading, then a review and recommendation.

Each person in the group speaks briefly and so the group members hear about a variety of books and articles to read that they may not have considered before.

The choice of reading material for discussion does not necessarily have to be from the St Laurence Centre library. It can be from another library or one’s own collection. In this way, a wide variety of reading material is discussed, albeit briefly, and members can then decide if they want to read for themselves any of the titles.

Anyone is welcome to join the Reading Circle. There is no membership fee and the group is very informal; if one is unable to come to a meeting that is not a problem as a single item is not being discussed by the group. Flexibility is the key! People come when they can. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided for light refreshment.

The St Laurence Centre Library is at 137 Broadmeadow Road, Broadmeadow. The phone number is 02 4902 9100. The usual opening hours are Tuesday 11am – 3pm, Wednesday 1pm – 6pm, Friday 11am – 3pm.

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