GALLERY: "Being significant" at the ACP Luncheon

The Assembly of Catholic Professionals were given a reality check at the April luncheon by the guest speaker, Kevin Bailey.

Kevin, who is a philanthropist and a "radical traditionalist", encouraged everyone at the lunch to be radical in the way they read the Gospel and understand scripture; the way they understand Catholic traditions and faith and an understanding of the new catechism.

And radical he was. Kevin told the audience he had figured out his purpose in life. 

Kevin suggested as lay Catholics, we must be real, counter-cultural; we have to differentiate; we've got to lay down our lives for something worthwhile - for Christ. We are called to be missionary disciples and our response needs to be transformational. 

He told how he had realised he was caught up in the adoration of false gods - those of power, possession, position and popularity and yet to be authentic in his response to Pope Francis' call he needed to surrender, sacrifice and serve. That doesn't mean giving everything up, or not looking after your family or not being prudent in business transactions but it does mean changing the focus and being prepared to give up what isn't necessary (consumerism) and surrendering oneself to God, to be truly happy, living the call to be a missionary disciple. 

He put things into perspective for many in the room who were left considering what their own individual purpose in life is and calculating how much precious time they have left on this earth to set about achieving it.

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Kylie Cooper

Kylie Cooper was the Communications Manager for the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle in 2015.

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