VIDEO: Let 11-Year-Old Lillian Inspire You This Christmas

This Christmas, 11-year-old Lillian Harding from St Therese’s Primary School, New Lambton, has asked her parents and relatives to not give her any Christmas presents.

Instead, Lillian has kindly requested that they give her money which she will donate to the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) in a bid to help others.

Lillian also did this for her birthday this year, and throughout the last few months, has also done extra chores around the house to raise even more money. So far, Lillian has raised $1375.00 for HMRI.

Lillian said she was inspired to raise money for HMRI by her grandma who died of breast cancer, her uncle who died of bowel cancer, and her other uncle who presently has throat cancer.

Lillian’s mum, Julie said, “When she asked for no Christmas presents… I was surprised but very proud of her.

“She’s done it very quietly without a fuss. It’s not a huge amount of money but hopefully it can make a bit of a difference for somebody and their treatment or the research. In the end, you want it to help a person.”

Principal of St Therese’s, Duilio Rufo, said Lillian did this and told no one except her parents.

“When I found out what Lillian Harding had been doing all year – just quietly ensuring that others were cared for, it didn’t surprise me,” Mr Rufo said.

“Lillian has always been a caring, compassionate and loving young girl. Her unassuming nature and her desire to help others are hallmarks of Lillian’s character. This is a young girl who has all the earmarks of becoming someone who will change the world for the better. Well done Lillian.”

In the future, Lillian hopes to work in the medical field “to save people”, explaining, “I'm hoping to maybe be a medical researcher or to a nurse or doctor to save people.”

To learn more about Lillian’s story, watch the below YouTube clip that was put together by HMRI.

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