Formula One World Champion Car Visits St Peter's Stockton

Students from St Peter’s Primary School, Stockton were “thrilled” to get up close and personal with Lewis Hamilton’s 2006 McLaren yesterday.

The Formula One world champion’s race car was studied by the students as part of the ME program, a Regional Development Australia Hunter initiative which is designed to engage children in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Acting Principal Sallyanne Stanbridge said that the visit was a highly engaging experience for all involved. “The students were enthralled by the McLaren,” remarked Ms Stanbridge. “The children were thrilled to see it, especially the technology behind it; even those without an interest in Formula One.”

After studying the McLaren, students broke into groups of four to build their own cars to race, which included developing logos and creating names for their teams.

“The conversation and collaboration between the students were great to see,” said Ms Stanbridge. “The children worked very well together, planning and working out the mathematical aspects of their cars.

“When they were finished and went out on the track to trial their speeds, they were enthralled.”

This story was also covered yesterday by the Newcastle Herald. Read it here.
Photo courtesy of the Newcastle Herald.

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