St Joseph's Lochinvar wins the Herald's School Newspaper of the Year

In September 2015, St Joseph’s Lochinvar submitted its entry for The Newcastle Herald School Newspaper Awards. Featured stories ranged from the effect of domestic violence on male victims, to students in our school who were participating in extraordinary activities beyond St Joseph’s.

In November, we were invited to the awards presentation for the newspaper.  With the support of the school executive and the English Faculty, we were able to take the 9.1 English students, who had worked so hard on the submission. St Joseph’s received a number of awards during the presentation.

Best Secondary News Article – Awarded to Finn Rayment, Cole Bennett and Atreyu Cortez, for their gripping story on the other side of domestic violence, the often silent male victims. Finn, inspired by an interview his father had done for this website with a male victim, with Cole and Atreyu, turned the article into a sensitive piece that touched on this difficult topic. With precision and sensitivity, the article resonated, with a response in the following day’s newspaper from a member of the public, outlining his relief at finally reading a news story that showed an alternate view to this complex issue. The boys each received $50 for their efforts. A copy of the article is below.  

Photography – Highly Commended – Awarded to Petra Greaves, for her complex photography showcasing her skills in silhouetting and portrait shots.

Editorial Cartoon – Highly Commended – Awarded to Ashleigh Rosenkranz, for her caricature of Mark Latham’s “Dummies Guide to being a Housewife”. 

Newspaper of the Year – Secondary.  The newspaper was awarded Overall Newspaper of the Year for the quality of articles, the thematic response to domestic violence and for a well-rounded and diverse submission.  St Joseph’s was awarded $2000 in prize money for its submission.

Congratulations are extended to the members of 9.1 English class for outstanding efforts.

Photos include an image of Ashleigh Rosenkranz's highly commended editorial cartoon and Petra Greaves' photography for the domestic violence story below.

Home Truths on Domestic Violence

By Finn Rayment, Cole Bennett and Atreyu Cortez

Domestic Violence is a deeply concerning issue for the all members of society, and is frequently discussed as an issue that deeply affects women in our society.

When Michael Rayment, local photographer and website curator interviewed “Frank,” (name has been changed to protect identity) a male victim of domestic violence, he presented a different view to a complex issue.

According to the website,, more than one in three victims of domestic abuse are male.  This startling statistic highlights that this issue is not simply a problem for women in the community, but for different family members who are exposed to violence.

“Frank” stated in the recent interview “I was spat on and there were times where she would stand in the kitchen sharpening knives saying, "One of, one of these days I'm going to stab you.”

Abuse against male individuals takes many of the same forms that it does against female individuals.

Abuse such as physical violence, intimidation and threats; sexual, psychological, verbal and financial abuse are all common and all of which can do significant damage.

The fact that there are so many unknown victims, there are many missing statistics.

Domestic violence towards women and children has drastically reduced in the past years thanks to campaigns such as “White Ribbon” and the sharing of stories like the tragic one of Rosie Batty; yet it is important to recognise that men can be victims as well.

Research from the 2012 ABS Personal Safety Survey and Australian Institute of Criminology states that “75 males were killed in domestic homicide incidents between 2008-10.” This equates to one death every ten days.

For more information, see the websites listed below.

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