Sugarloaf Parish Leadership Day

Last Wednesday 18 November the Year 5 students of Sugarloaf Parish (Holy Cross Glendale and St Benedict's Edgeworth) joined together to participate in a Leadership Retreat. 

The day was led by current Year 9 students from St Paul’s Booragul who had attended one of the two primary schools so the younger students were able to identify with them. The students spent the day learning about effective leadership styles and techniques and the ways that their leadership could positively influence the Catholic primary school environment. Students reflected on Jesus’ role of leadership and were introduced to the concept of “servant leadership”. This became the theme for the day and activities were built around this to support students’ growing understanding of what it means to be a leader and how to follow Jesus’ example.

Students participated in guided meditations, group discussion and brainstorming session, team- building activities and games with a focus on leadership. We enjoyed a barbecue lunch and to conclude we joined in prayer.

The students felt they were now more aware what it means to be a leader and that an effective leader should serve others by demonstrating the qualities of helpfulness, encouragement and organisation and being a positive role model to those who follow them.  Jessica Rowe, a Year 5 student from St Benedict’s had this to say about the day, “I really enjoyed our Leadership day and learning about the different aspects of leadership. Some of these things I had never thought about. I also made some new friends and the fact that these friends will be going to the same high school as me in 2017 is awesome.” This sums up what many of the children felt about the day.

Finally, the Year 5 students made a pledge to be the best leaders they can be, to follow Jesus’ example and the examples set by Caroline Chisholm and St Mary MacKillop. The students signed this pledge which was then witnessed by the Year 9 students. 

I would like to thank Mrs Patricia Wattam (REC Holy Cross) Mr John Armstrong (St Benedict’s), Mrs Natalie Squires (St Paul’s) and Mrs Bernadette Gibson (Spirituality Officer CSO) for their input on the day and also all the hard work invested prior to the day.

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