Showcasing choral talents at St Joseph's Lochinvar

Recently St Joseph's Lochinvar hosted the Diocesan Choral Showcase with a performance for students, teachers and the community. Read below three experiences on how the choir impacted the lives of those involved.

Mrs Alicia Paterson – Event Organiser

The Choir Showcase came about 7 years ago when Paul Greaves approached me about putting together a Diocesan event to showcase the amazing choirs that were in our secondary schools. Once it took off, we decided that the event must always stay here at Lochinvar, and it was to be something that our entire school would participate in and that is exactly what we do!

The CSO contribute by covering the cost of Scion Audio and the Sisters of St. Joseph donated a perpetual trophy as a token of appreciation, which is to be awarded to the most outstanding choir on the day. The event has grown in popularity and the trophy is now a coveted edition to the winning school for that year. Although the focus of the event is not the competition, the choirs are loosely judged on three categories; technique (pitch, keeping in time, phrasing, etc.), presentation (enjoyment, movements, creative arrangementsetc.) and Josephite Charism (willingness to engage and participate,  togetherness, pride in appearance and conveyance of meaning in the music). The Josephite Charism being the most important category as it encompasses what the day is all about.

My hope is that it will remain a fun and exciting day for all involved and that, in years to come, schools are still coming back to Lochinvar because they love participating in such an encouraging community event. However, my ultimate goal is to have all secondary schools from our Diocese involved and for it to be a focus on all school calendars (the likes of Dio Sounds and Aspire). It is a day where all the students in the school choir can be the focus and they can be rewarded for all of their hard work (and missed lunchtimes) which often goes un-noticed. More than that though, it is a chance for the quiet achievers to feel like they have been part of something special, their own “team”.

Isabella Crebert – Year 8 student

Choir has really helped opened up my eyes to the vocal side of music. As someone who has a strong passion for music and singing, it was such a joyful feeling to be surrounded by so many people who share the same passion. I was kindly welcomed into the choir mid-season. The choir had been busily preparing for the spectacular experience otherwise known as “the choir showcase”. The choir showcase takes place at our school. The performances this year, set high standards. From Aussie classics such as “Never tear us apart” and “when the war is over”, to number one hits like Jessie J’s “masterpiece” and the well-known numbers from James Bay; “hold back the river” and “let it go”. Every performance blew me away, there is so much talent on the rise. While singing played a “main role”, it was incredible to see beat boxing and other vocal styling.  There were also many talented musicians in the ensemble. The talent that the St Joseph’s choir shows and possesses astounds me. Every single member of the choir have such a talent, passion and dedication. It has been an absolute honour to perform with them. Our performance received amazing comments from the audience. The choir members and myself are extremely grateful for what Mrs Paterson and Ms McRae have done for us. They have given us hours of dedication to prepare the choir with our two songs “Hold back the River” and “Let me down easy”. Both songs were performed outstandingly. Thank you to our wonderful choir teachers and the members of the choir, you truly made the choir showcase such an amazing experience.

Emilie Austin – Year 9 student 

The Choir Showcase was an amazing experience and it was a privilege to be a part of it. Being a part of this showcase taught me a lot of things about performing and about the vibe of performing to a large audience. It gave me the opportunity to perform on stage with an amazing group of people in front of peers from my own school and also students from other schools in our Diocese. It also gave me a chance to be singing with a level of competition involved. All up, the Choir Showcase was an amazing experience and I am so glad that I was able to be a part of it.



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Emma Blackford

Emma Blackford worked for the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle from 2009-2017. During this time, Emma held the positions of Communications Manager for the Catholic Schools Office, Communications Manager for the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle and Marketing and Communications Manager for CatholicCare Hunter-Manning.

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