Financial Literacy Showcase at St Columban's Mayfield

The students of St Columban’s Mayfield presented a Financial Literacy Showcase on Monday 2 November to parents. Each year level had a different project which looked at earning money, and learning how to use it wisely.

Dr Catherine Attard from the University of Western Sydney worked with the students, and was at the presentation to see the students' demonstrating their new financial literacy skills.

Each year presented their projects using PowerPoint and posters, and representative students spoke for each year level.

Kindergarten created lolly bags, then sold them to other students. They raised $110, and used their money to buy two hermit crabs for their classroom.

Year 1 looked at classroom economy, and negotiated an income of 20 cents per day.

Year 2 organised a lolly jar guessing competition, and donated the money they raised to Mini Vinnies.

Year 3 created Mayfield Monopoly, Year 4 had to budget a bedroom, Year 5 organised an icy stall and Year 6 ran a sausage sizzle.

One of the students said that they had learnt to save money for a car and a house.

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Brooke Robinson

Brooke is Content Officer for the Communications Team in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle