Bishop Bill’s Visit Inspires Community and Friendship

Only at St Joseph’s High School, Aberdeen can the offer of a cup of tea turn into a full production!

We were recently informed that Bishop Bill was coming to St Joseph’s Aberdeen for a quick visit on Friday 9 October. An offer to make him a cuppa developed into a wonderful event for the Learning Support Staff and 15 of our students. The students were excited to pitch in and set up a lovely morning tea for our visitors who also included Fr Anthony, Mr Tobin, Mr Holstein and Mr Bristow.

Generosity is always abundant at St Joseph’s and this was demonstrated by the students who brought in slices and friands and teachers who brought in slices, muffins, scones, biscuits and chocolates.

Our Learning Support Room at St Joseph’s (generically known as C15) is one of our “safe places with friendly faces” for students to come for help with assessments, literacy and numeracy programs and just to hang out at lunch to play board games or just have a chat.

Mr Cooper also caters to the needs of Aboriginal students in the Learning Support Room and provided a display of resources and art work.

A number of the students are excited to be involved in our lunch time Social Club which we have initiated this term. While building friendships, we plan to make a “balcony garden” on the Learning Support Room verandah, play cards and board games, make popcorn and pikelets and learn some songs to sing for the Bishop’s next visit.

During his visit, it was a pleasure to introduce Bishop Bill to our “angels” (the Learning Support Assistants) who do such a wonderful job supporting our students in class. Mrs Thorley has worked as an angel for 13 years, while Mrs Miller and Mrs Channon joined us this year. Ms McLennan has also been with us for a number of years but was working at St James’ on the day of the visit.

Other members of our Learning Support family are our Learning Support Teachers, Mr James Whiting and Mrs Julie Leadley, who also teach Music and Maths, respectively.

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Maree Beer Image
Maree Beer

Maree is the  Learning Support Coordinator at St Joseph’s High School, Aberdeen.

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