St Mary's Year 12 Guard of Honour

Year 12 students from St Mary’s Campus, All Saints College, Maitland were the worthy Guests of Honour on Wednesday 16 September, when they moved through the Guard of Honour formed by students and staff from St Mary’s and St John the Baptist schools.

Students from Year 6 and Kindergarten stood alongside teachers as they farewelled their fellow students, and the special bond both between the schools and the 2015 Kinder and buddy combinations were tangible. One student was overheard speaking about the assembly and the “clap out”, saying it brought home to him the fact that he had been part of a real community, and that he was beginning to realise just how lucky they all were. Another student said that the morning made the hard work of the past few terms all worthwhile!

Relief, excitement, anticipation and gratitude were palpable amid tears, the hugs, and the ‘high fives’. Bubbles and streamers added to the sense of celebration, with the Year 12 students suitably honoured for the fine upstanding citizens they are, and are becoming.

The students take with them the certain love and prayers of all teachers and fellow students as they begin final preparation for the Higher School Certificate.

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Mandy Sanderson Image
Mandy Sanderson

Mandy is the Principal of St John the Baptist public school in Maitland.

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