Saint Joseph’s Darts Club – Targeting Maths Skills

SJD has just started a darts club for primary students. This was started as part of National Literacy & Numeracy Week.

The main aim of this club is for students to increase their mental computation skills.

A campaign in England in 2009 stated:

  • The game of darts is 33 per cent maths, if you cannot count you cannot win.
  • Research by the National Research and Development Centre for adult literacy and numeracy shows that people who lack GCSE level maths will struggle to get half of the jobs available, whereas those with the qualification can earn up to £50,000 more over their lifetime
  • As well as improving your darts score, brushing up on your maths skills can help you get on in work, earn more money and help your kids with their homework.

At this stage we have 8 students participating in the darts club three to four times a week. This is done both in Maths time and also in the student’s lunchtime.

They are having a great time and their computation skills have already increased.

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Aaron Moon Image
Aaron Moon

Aaron Moon is the Principal of St James' Primary School, Muswellbrook.

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