St Paul’s Art Show presents the 2015 Archipaul prize

In its fifteenth year the St Paul’s Art Show, encompassing The Archipaul Portrait Prize, was held on 25 August, with several hundred attendees viewing works from students in Years 7–12 Visual Arts and Design classes.

Together with the Archipaul Prize, with its focus on portraiture, the Art Show is held annually and is inclusive in its mission, providing an opportunity for every Visual Arts student in the school to be represented.

Created within the classroom as part of the curriculum, the works exhibit the skills of painting, etching, printmaking, skateboard design, digital and wet photography, tattoo art, sculpture, mixed media, t-shirt design, murals, drawing and ceramics. Each year group within the Visual Arts and Visual Design courses also completes one unit in which there is a portraiture component ranging from Magazine Covers in Year 10 to Pop Art portraits in Year 7.

Several major prizes are awarded each year, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Mr John Clunes, including the Art Show Winner (Junior & Senior); Encouragement Award (Junior and Senior); Visual Design Award and of course, the Winner of the Archipaul Portrait Prize. The other major award, The People’s Choice, goes to an entrant in the Archipaul Exhibition and is decided upon by visitors to the exhibition across the evening. In 2015 the Winner of the Archipaul Prize and The People’s Choice Award was Cameron Cherry of Year 11 Visual Arts for his portrait of Chet Faker. This is the first time a student has won both awards.

Finally, regardless of prizes and awards, it is the inclusivity and community of the exhibition that are a highlight of the “Archies”. With students providing art and music and Year 11 Hospitality students catering for the event, those visiting the exhibition are given an opportunity to see our students’ creativity, their problem solving, their hard work, their spirituality, their sense of playfulness, their skill, their imagining, their politics, their dreaming and their risk-taking... all coming to fruition in an evening such as this.

Further, it is an opportunity for collegiality, a chance to work with students in contexts different from the classroom, where the staff of St Paul’s can support one another, working tirelessly to help make the evening a special community celebration. The exhibition was, once again, a wonderful testament to the talent and skills of both teachers and students at St Paul’s and all are to be congratulated.

We hope to see you all in 2016 when the Archipaul tradition will continue to grow.

Photos courtesy of Joshua Cherry.

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