ASPIRE BLOG: Stranger Than Fiction

This year’s Aspire production ‘Stranger than Fiction’, staged at the Civic Theatre in July, was a huge success. It’s always a pleasure to see the finished production performed in such a beautiful venue by our talented cast. They really did work so hard for the 6 months leading up to the show learning parts, choreography and music and pulling it all together into a production.

The show this year took a variety of characters from different walks of life and showed their reality in Act 1, and their imaginations in Act 2. This was a complicated show in every aspect. The storyline was involved and non-linear which makes it a more challenging piece for a cast to wrap their heads around. This year there were a lot of technical elements and the excitement of pyrotechnics to work with as well - which is something you can’t rehearse until production week in the Civic Theatre! Our cast did a fabulous job of pulling all the theatrical threads together.

Aspire really feels like a big family and it is this aspect of the program that I think is my favourite. The final show on the Saturday night is bittersweet in some ways. We’re excited to perform but we know this will be our last performance as part of this cast doing this show. Some of our cast have been with us for 4 years now and the bonds they have with each other are lifelong bonds. The older students support the younger ones throughout the rehearsal period and during performance week, offering advice, assisting them to learn new skills and organising themselves.

As the curtain closes on this year’s production, Aspire continues to spread the performing arts message in our schools. I am working with a variety of schools on their productions in Term 3 and 4 and of course the preparation for next year’s program has already started in the form of a number of crazy ideas floating around my head

2016 Audition forms are now available and I encourage anyone with an interest in the performing arts to come along and see what we’re all about.

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Anna Kerrigan

Anna is the Artistic Director of ASPIRE, an audition-based drama, dance, music and creative and performing arts program produced by the Catholic Schools Office of Maitland-Newcastle.