Book Week at St Columba's

There was no shortage of colourful characters at St Columba's primary school for Book Week this year, with staff and students alike taking great delight in raiding the dress-up box for costumes and props.

Below are two short articles written by Year 2 students:

“On Tuesday we had the Book Week parade and I went as Robin Hood. When I came inside the school gates I saw Red Arsenal – that is a super hero – and everyone else was dressed up too. We got to talk about ourselves in class but before we did a talk, we did some reading with the Year 6s. Ryan and I read with a Year 6 pupil, we read with each other, then we went to the church. Before we went to the church, Miss Matzanke said, “I am going to the staff room.’’ When she came back, she was a minion! Mr Hutchens was Gru!

Darcy was behind me and he was someone from a book I haven’t read. Every class had a song while they walked down the middle of the church. When the classes came back to their seats, Miss Matzanke gave you a lolly and after we got out of the church we could eat it. THAT DAY RULES!”

By Sam

"On Tuesday 25 August, I came to school and I saw Captain America, Hulk, Iron-man, Spiderman, Hello Kitty, Jedi and many other characters!

After assembly, we went to class. I saw Miss Matzanke, she didn’t dress up, but when it was close to the parade time all of a sudden, she became a Minion! All the teachers transformed into Minions too!

Our Principal, Mr Hutchens, was Gru! All the classes walked around in the parade − that was fun! Afterwards, we had some chocolates, they were yummy! I saw my Mum was there, after we went home. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw all the teachers were minions. They were so funny!”

By Ethan

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