Doing just swimmingly

Lydia and Toby Murray of Holy Cross Catholic Primary School Glendale have certainly made a splash since arriving in Newcastle. Both students have been selected to represent the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese at the NSWCPS Swimming Championships being held in Sydney on 20 March.

At the recently completed Diocesan Swimming Championships, Lydia broke an amazing 4 diocesan records, some of which had stood for over 20 years.

Behind every great sportsperson is a story. Here is Lydia’s and Toby’s story.

Toby and Lydia began their schooling at St Brigid’s Coonamble, part of the Bathurst Diocese. Coonamble can get very cold in winter and with no heated pool, swimming training becomes very difficult. As Lydia’s swimming talents began to prosper, the need to train all year round became important.

Lydia and Toby’s parents, Chris and Desley, owned a house in Newcastle, so decided to relocate the family for a short period when Lydia trained for Nationals in 2013. This occurred again in 2014.

Lydia’s swim coach, ‘Whisky’, saw the benefit of training at The Forum, Newcastle, so the decision was made to relocate the family permanently to Newcastle to give Lydia and Toby the best swimming opportunities possible.

When asked why they chose Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Mr and Mrs Murray mentioned how accommodating school Principal Mr Patrick Hamilton and staff were to their needs over the past three years. Whilst missing friends in Coonamble, Lydia and Toby very much enjoy Holy Cross, which they now call home.  We, the students, are also glad they now call Holy Cross Glendale home.

Story by Amber Tindall, Community Portfolio Leader. Edited by James Morris, Assistant Principal of Holy Cross Catholic Primary School. 

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