Welcome to ASPIRE 2015! We have welcomed our cast for this year and after only two weeks rehearsal I can see this year is going to be another smashing one for ASPIRE.

As ever, we are fortunate to have a lot of very talented young people who will join us from all over the diocese and work together towards something that they can be proud of.

Just what they are working towards will remain a bit of a secret until you come and be a part of the audience at the Civic Theatre in July but I can tell you that this year we will present a collection of stories that move from real life into a world of pure imagination. Keeping the program fresh is a big deal to us here on the ASPIRE team and we are moving away from last year’s linear storyline to something more spontaneous and collage-based.

It’s hard when there isn’t a strict storyline to follow. Everything doesn’t necessarily make sense straight away and a lot more processing of the stories and ideas and images is required to try and see the whole picture in your head. I encourage all our cast to really spend time this year thinking about what we are trying to achieve on stage and if something still doesn’t make sense to you, come and talk to myself or your ensemble director about it. In no way will I hold it against you, in fact I’ll probably thank you, because if you’re not getting it, there is every possibility the audience won’t either.

This first term is all about the creative melting pot so please throw your ideas in and see what comes of them! There is no right or wrong, just ideas and possibilities!

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Anna Kerrigan

Anna is the Artistic Director of ASPIRE, an audition-based drama, dance, music and creative and performing arts program produced by the Catholic Schools Office of Maitland-Newcastle.

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