GALLERY: KidsMatter at Corpus Christi Waratah

Friday 17 October was a memorable day for the community of Corpus Christi Primary at Waratah.

The day began with a liturgy, brimming with colour and symbol, to celebrate the launch of the KidsMatter program at the school. Students sported every colour of the rainbow and staff and parents joined in the fun atmosphere.

Not only is the rainbow a reminder of God’s promise of never-ending love and possibility, it also served as a reminder to the assembly of Kirralee Walton, a Year 2 student who died earlier this year. Kirralee was short-statured but long on optimism and spirit. She loved bright colours and butterflies, and for her parents, Kathryn and Kristian, and little brother Kobe, the liturgy was a reminder of how much she loved being part of the life of Corpus Christi.

A photograph of Kirralee was lovingly placed in the sacred space and the walkathon which followed the liturgy was in aid of the Starlight Foundation. As one of the students told the gathering, “Kirralee had already brought the symbols of KidsMatter to our school as she loved butterflies and dressing in rainbow colours on our out of uniform days.”

Principal at Corpus Christi, Karen Forbes, said that the initiative to support the Starlight Foundation had come from the students. “I’m so proud of them and their enthusiasm in giving back to an organisation that did so much for our Kirralee.”

The liturgy concluded with Year 2 students presenting a movement to “You raise me up” and this prayer:

"Loving God, we have heard your Word which calls us to care for all God’s children by acts of love, commitment, protection, generosity and support. May you continue to bless our efforts at Corpus Christi to grow into a strong, safe and vibrant community. May the framework of KidsMatter underpin all that we do and strive to do.”

Article and photos courtesy of Tracey Edstein, editor of Aurora Magazine.

KidsMatter is all about growing healthy minds and positive communities. KidsMatter is a mental health framework for early childhood education and care services and primary schools. It's a unique partnership between education and health and is the first of its kind in Australia. Please visit

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Tracey Edstein

Tracey Edstein is the former editor of Aurora Magazine, the official magazine of the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.