Balancing health ministry and contemplation

A story for National Vocations Awareness Week…

I joined the Sisters of Mercy (Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea) three and a half years ago when I made my first profession of religious vows.

I first contemplated the possibility of religious life after finishing specialist medical training in dermatology. At that time, I enjoyed my work in medicine because I liked the variety and intellectual challenge of the profession, the interaction with people, the lifestyle and also the satisfaction of knowing that through my work, I was helping others. At the same time, there was a deeper longing for ultimate meaning, and a spiritual searching, trying to better fit my Christian faith into how I was living and what I was doing.

As a Sister of Mercy now, I am blessed to belong to a group of committed Christian women who constantly model for me a balanced contemplation-with-action mode of being and doing. Out of our relationship with Jesus, we try to live the Gospel message through our service to the community especially the poor and disadvantaged of our world, through our ministries in health, education, welfare and social justice. Having first experienced and known God’s loving kindness (mercy) in our lives, we try to share God’s mercy and compassion with those around us.

My current ministry is in medical dermatology – in clinical practice and medical education. I hope that by my work in health ministry, I am participating in Christ’s work of healing in God’s kingdom. I am deeply grateful for the gifts and opportunities that I have received, and am thankful that I am able to give back to the community by serving those in need of health care. I feel that living religious life as a Sister of Mercy helps me love God and my neighbour with all that I am, and so be the best person that God has made me to be. 

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Michelle Goh rsm

Michelle Goh rsm is a Sister of Mercy and dermatologist. 

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