Everest Base Camp IMAGE Aurora

Everest Base Camp

December 01, 2018 Shaun Serafin

It was an easy decision at the time. When my mate Baden asked me if I’d like to trek to Everest Base Camp, I jumped at the chance for adventure. I was no stranger to putting myself outside my comfort zone, and love both walking and camping to remind myself of the beauty of God’s creation.

Closer to the cliff edge IMAGE Aurora

Closer to the cliff edge

December 01, 2018 Fr Rob Galea

I have spent my late teens, young adulthood and adulthood working tirelessly to point teens to Jesus. Not Jesus as a historical, religious figure, but Jesus the risen Christ who still changes hearts and lives. He is the Christ who gives hope, provides belonging and true and fulfilling purpose. I have given my life to this cause not because of a sense of responsibility, but because I just have no other reasonable option. I cannot not talk about Jesus.

St Pius X Adamstown celebrates alumni achievements IMAGE Aurora

St Pius X Adamstown celebrates alumni achievements

December 01, 2018 Amy Theodore

Every five years, St Pius X High School, Adamstown formally acknowledges the accomplishments of some of its most inspiring alumni by adding them to the school’s Wall of Fame.

Back together again IMAGE Aurora

Back together again

December 01, 2018 Todd Dagwell

Colleen Fenn left St Aloysius Girls High in Hamilton in 1965 and Newcastle in 1970 but refused to say a final goodbye to her classmates. Despite living outside of NSW for most of her adult life, Ms Fenn has, for a decade, been one of the key organisers of St Aloysius reunions at various locations around Newcastle.

The Diocese’s littlest graduates IMAGE Aurora

The Diocese’s littlest graduates

December 01, 2018 Amy Theodore

Students from St Patrick’s Primary School, Cessnock and St Columba’s Primary School, Adamstown recently graduated from the University of Newcastle’s Children’s University.

Sharing the Journey IMAGE Aurora

Sharing the Journey

December 01, 2018 Kelly Pavan

While Mental Health Month is held in October every year, mental health is an ongoing issue, as is raising public awareness around these concerns. It's important to break down taboos and better enable people to access support as early as possible.

How do I manage my grief? IMAGE Aurora

How do I manage my grief?

December 01, 2018 Tanya Russell

Q:This will be my first Christmas without my husband of 40 years. He passed away not quite a year ago and my grief is strong leading up to the festive season. How do I put on a brave face for my children and grandchildren as they would worry if they see me so sad?

My Time Our Place: Introducing St Nicholas OOSH IMAGE Aurora

My Time Our Place: Introducing St Nicholas OOSH

December 01, 2018 Britten Thompson

For the last three years, St Nicholas Early Education has been providing child-led, play-based education to families throughout the Hunter. What began as two centres operating in Singleton and Newcastle’s CBD has grown to six centres with the opening of Raymond Terrace, with two more centres scheduled to open in 2019.

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