Clear out the unimportant IMAGE Aurora

Clear out the unimportant

February 02, 2019 Fr Andrew Doohan

Partly to avoid the worst of the heat of the Australian summer, I spent some of ‘down time’ in January sorting through filing cabinets rapidly approaching the point of overflowing, and boxes that seem to have not moved since I arrived in my present home. It was a very cathartic and therapeutic experience.

DARA’s Van delivers dignity IMAGE Aurora

DARA’s Van delivers dignity

February 02, 2019 Brooke Robinson

From remembering names and having conversations to offering practical solutions to hunger, the DARA’s Van team members provide much-needed outreach in and around Newcastle. Team members, the bulk of whom are volunteers, provide not only food but also hospitality and friendship to the vulnerable and the marginalised in our community – the homeless, the socially isolated and/or the financially stressed.

Following Catherine McAuley and the Tradition of Mercy IMAGE Aurora

Following Catherine McAuley and the Tradition of Mercy

February 02, 2019 Mark Spencer

For the 39 people from our Diocese, a recent pilgrimage to Ireland - to discover more about Catherine McAuley and the Tradition of Mercy - was the trip of a lifetime.

Two new priests for our Diocese IMAGE Aurora

Two new priests for our Diocese

February 02, 2019 Brooke Robinson

You are invited to the Ordination to the Priesthood of Rev Anthony Coloma and Rev John Lovell on 16 February 2019 at Sacred Heart Cathedral at 10am.

In the lead up to ordination, Deacons Anthony and John shared with Aurora a bit of their journey to priesthood.

John Sandy- Australian Citizen IMAGE Aurora

John Sandy- Australian Citizen

February 02, 2019 Lizzie Snedden

John Sandy is a man whose determination is as strong as his beaming smile and caring heart.


The grief of miscarriage IMAGE Aurora

The grief of miscarriage

February 02, 2019 Tanya Russell

Q My husband and I have been trying to have our second child for a few years now and I have just had my third miscarriage. Although my husband has been supportive, we are both struggling to cope with our grief over losing these babies. I feel so alone, as counselling has never been suggested by my GP and medical professionals have referred to our lost dreams for a family as “early pregnancy loss”. But for us, they were our future babies and with each miscarriage, I struggle more and more. How do I get support and open up to someone who understands the loss of more than just a “pregnancy”?

Sean Scanlon CEO IMAGE Aurora

Sean Scanlon CEO

February 02, 2019 John Kingsley-Jones

Sean Scanlon, who was recently appointed the first-ever Chief Executive Officer of the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, is very much a born-and-bred Novocastrian. He is also the first person in any Catholic diocese in Australia to have the title of CEO. Prior to being appointed to this new role, Sean was Vice Chancellor Administration.

Outstanding achievements from our students IMAGE Aurora

Outstanding achievements from our students

February 02, 2019 Amy Theodore

Last year proved to be an outstanding year for student achievements in the HSC and there were some major milestones too.

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