Exploring ‘cyclospirituality’ IMAGE Aurora Magazine

Exploring ‘cyclospirituality’

May 03, 2017 Comments John Cavenagh

 As far as I can recall, ‘cyclospirituality’ is a term which came to me while I was happily cycling along a quiet country road one morning. 

Countering Islamophobia IMAGE Aurora Magazine

Countering Islamophobia

May 03, 2017 Comments Patrick McInerney

Islam continues to be prominent in news reports, usually for all the wrong reasons. Editor of Bridges (see below), Columban Patrick McInerney, offers helpful suggestions to those who want to penetrate beyond the headlines. In doing so, he echoes the documents of the Second Vatican Council.  

Why not learn the lessons of the ‘Long Paddock’? IMAGE Aurora Magazine

Why not learn the lessons of the ‘Long Paddock’?

May 03, 2017 Comments Kate Englebrecht

If cemeteries can be said to be beautiful places, Bourke cemetery is. It’s strangely peaceful and quite stark in its beauty. Old pioneers are buried alongside generations of loved ones. It’s a place to be reflective, a place to think about the things that matter and the things that don’t.

New mentoring program for Australian Catholic women set to launch IMAGE Aurora Magazine

New mentoring program for Australian Catholic women set to launch

May 03, 2017 Comments Debra Vermeer

A new mentoring program to build the skills and faith of Australian Catholic women so that they can have a positive impact in the Church and wider society is about to be launched.

What would Jesus do? IMAGE Aurora Magazine

What would Jesus do?

May 03, 2017 Comments Michael O’Connor

In the season of Easter, this is an apt question.

A season of repentance IMAGE Aurora Magazine

A season of repentance

April 05, 2017 Comments Bishop Bill Wright

Of course, I should have been thinking about repentance and forgiveness, sin and grace, because we are in Lent. But I actually came to be thinking about these things because I had a talk to give about Martin Luther, to mark the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation this year. Luther’s reformation was very much caught up with the notion of repentance.

Where are all the young people? IMAGE Aurora Magazine

Where are all the young people?

April 05, 2017 Comments Joanne Isaac

Speaking on ABC radio earlier this year, young local Catholic, Hannah Williams, challenged the stereotype that young people no longer engage with their faith.

All Joel’s world’s a stage IMAGE Aurora Magazine

All Joel’s world’s a stage

April 05, 2017 Comments Shirley McHugh

Founder of Bell Shakespeare, John Bell, long ago recognised the breadth and depth of life captured in exquisite language by William Shakespeare. Bell Shakespeare is renowned for transporting the Bard’s dramas, unconstrained by time, place, gender, nationality or culture. John Bell and company take Shakespeare to the schools and sometimes his magnanimity is rewarded big time!

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